PBR Panel in Clinton, NC

The Metal Specialist team knows how vital a PBR panel in Clinton, NC, can be, and thus we carry lots of it from different sources. PBR has vertical and horizontal designs, is easy to install, and can work in multiple settings. Simply put, this is one asset every contractor should consider. Feel free to compare them to our AG panels and ask our associates for further details. We’re happy to help you find the perfect panels for your roof.

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R, PBR, and IR metal roofing panels are designed for industrial, commercial, and steel frame buildings. This is especially true for PBR’s 4-rib metal roofing profile. The R metal roofing panels and IR metal roofing panels are designed for sidewall applications. The PBR roof panel provides better support by using an added purlin bearing leg. Ask us about union corrugating colors, and we’ll help you find the best choices for your project.

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These PBR panels will be your choice on a variety of commercial, agricultural, or industrial projects. They’re available in several color options for these 26-gauge panels, including Galvalume.

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The R-Loc™ PBR-panel is designed to give commercial-grade performance, specifically the steel frame. The added purlin bearing leg makes it easier to install and provides a more pleasing appearance.

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Perma-Clad provides a low margin with excellent durability in all types of weather, which makes this panel the perfect choice for agricultural professionals. The amount of colors offers design flexibility when installing too.

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R-Panel is a multi-use wall and roof panel used primarily in pre-engineered metal building applications. The optional Purlin Bearing Leg (PBR) offers extra support for fastening the panel lap by resting on the purlins.

Our expert staff will make sure you have everything you need to complete your job, from roof underlay, to gutters, to the proper fasteners.

You’re welcome to contact our business with any questions or concerns. We make a point of putting our customers first.