Reliable Standing Seam Roof Products in Clinton, NC

Here at The Metal Specialist, we make protecting your home or business easy. We do this by offering a standing seam roof in Clinton, NC, of the highest caliber possible. This fade-resistant material never needs to be cleaned and can be installed over existing roofs for affordability and recyclability. Standing seam panels don’t absorb water, rot, support insects, crack, rust, or stain. They’re perfect for steel buildings, businesses, and more.

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Advantage-Lok II standing seam roof system features short, 1" high ribs. This system has been used on traditional and contemporary homes for more than a century. Its ability to complement the structure with clean, graceful lines makes it a roofing favorite with many architectural styles. Learn more about union corrugating options here.

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Our standing seam roof panels in Clinton, NC, offer a clean, traditional look, which makes it is easy to create a beautiful appearance for your building. There are 3 panel profiles to choose from, plus the full JD Metals color selection.

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Horizon-Loc™ allows you to have a beautiful roof without a single screw showing, giving you the benefits of a standing seam roof for less. The panel uses a snap-together system, allowing for rapid installation without mechanical seaming. This results in a less expensive labor cost than traditional panels. More about the product is detailed here.

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LokSeam provides high-quality durability and energy-efficiency to any project, making its standing seam metal panel the ideal choice for cost-conscious builders. ABC has plenty of colors available as well.

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Medallion-Lok effectively captures the beauty and elegance of a standing seam roof with the narrow 1.75" tall standing seam, creating crisp and clean visual lines. The hidden clips and a snap-together seam eliminate the need for job site seaming.

Our expert staff will make sure you have everything you need to complete your job, from roof underlay, to gutters, to the proper fasteners.

Contact us to learn more about our standing seam supplies. We deliver them throughout North Carolina.